The Tribal Equity Toolkit 3.0

The "Tribal Equity Toolkit 3.0: Tribal Resolutions and Codes to Support Two Spirit and LGBTQ Justice in Indian Country" is the first of its kind—providing sample legal language for adapting tribal resolutions and codes to recognize the rights of all tribal citizens. A third edition of the toolkit was published with the support of a growing coalition of national organizations convened by Western States Center, National Congress of American Indians, and the Center for American Progress.

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Black Immigration Network Detainee Support Toolkit

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) has made this toolkit available in both English and Spanish! Mass incarceration, including immigration detention, employs isolation from community as a weapon. Visitations reinforce bonds and connections to community for people being detained and provides mechanisms for reporting human rights violations on the inside. Explore this toolkit and learn how to create a visitation initiative near you!

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From Vice to Ice Toolkit

Developed through a partnership between BreakOUT! and the Congress of Day Laborers that began in 2011 as the two New Orleans-based membership organizations noticed rampant profiling within the city—vice officers were targeting Black transgender young women and profiling people as being involved with the sex trade, raiding hotels where many LGBTQ youth of color lived and charging people with Solicitation of Crimes Against Nature. Meanwhile, the police were profiling Spanish-speakers, stopping them on the street and in their cars, and using Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as translators, as well as for translation during domestic violence calls and participating in huge sweeps and raids of Latinx people targeted as being undocumented. The groups, both accustomed to members sharing stories of New Orleans life in intimate settings, quickly identified a common language of justice and a shared purpose to fight for liberation.

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Off-Kilter Podcast (FKA TalkPoverty Radio)

Off-Kilter is a podcast about poverty and inequality — and everything they intersect with. Each week, host Rebecca Vallas is joined by experts, advocates, activists, and other smart people to break down the issues of the day — and how we fight back. Heavy topics… but with a hefty dose of laughter and snark. Powered by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

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