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At the Huntsville, Alabama Rural Pride Summit of Feb 2016, stigma. This was a “triple whammy” for LGBTQ people of color experiencing poverty. of stigma was a problem that was repeatedly named when identifying challenges in building acceptance

While upwards of 20 states have anti-discrimination laws, three states specifically prohibit providing such protections. All three of these states, Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina, are in the southeastern region of the U.S.

Non-discrimination laws can go a long way in providing some protections for LGBTQ people seeking housing, employment and public accommodations.

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Coming soon! A regional list serv for advocates in the Southeast is being built. This region-specific list serv will be used to share information about local challenges, organizing strategies and policy victories. The list serv will also be a place to connect national policy advocates to local issues of poverty, in an effort to ensure more comprehensive change at the federal level.


Directory of Anti-poverty Advocates


Coming soon! We are creating a directory of LGBTQ-led and LGBTQ-focused organizations who are engaged in service provision and/or policy advocacy. If you would like your organization to be listed, please contact us here.


The following are the states that comprise the southeastern region and the corresponding estimate of the state’s LGBT population: West Virginia (3.1%), Virginia (2.9%), Kentucky (3.9%), Tennessee (2.6%), North Carolina (3.3%), South Carolina (2.9%), Georgia (3.5%), Alabama (2.8%), Mississippi (2.6%), Arkansas (3.5%), Louisiana (3.2%), Florida (3.5%)